circeserene replied to your post: Worrying like a motherfucker right now….

Hello, resident girl with panic disorder here! Just keep doing what youre doing, he knows your sportive and it is already helping him. No magic bullet though, you just gotta work together and trust it will get better <3 <3

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Do you think maybe he will settle in and calm down a bit once his training is finished? I mean, hes not going to be a novice at this forever. Trying new things is scary but Im sure he can handle it once he has been doing it a bit longer. <3

I think he’s going to be ok. It’s all just one day at a time at the moment. I know it’s overwhelming for him but we had a big talk and he’s feeling a bit calmer about it.

I just worry about him is all. 

New situations (especially new working conditions) are really hard for people with anxiety to adjust too. Hopefully he will settle in just fine. <3  

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